Representatives of the Lake Baikal Foundation took part in several events, during which they announced the key activities of the Foundation and expertise on the development of the Baikal natural territory.


  • Round table «Current threats to the Baikal seal»;
  • SPIEF’18;
  • Forum «Russia is the country of opportunity»;
  • Russian Investment Forum SOCHI 18;


  • International exhibition-forum «Ecotech2017»;
  • EU Workshop «Promotion of social, sustainable and efficient innovations in the Black Sea Region»;
  • All-Russian scientific and practical conference on the scientific developments realization;
  • Shape Eurasia 2017, Yerevan, under the aegis of Eastern Economic Forum;
  • First Baikal Water forum;
  • Eastern economic forum;
  • IV North-Caucasus civil forum «Arhyz XXI», panel discussion on ecology;
  • All-Russian water congress, session on Baikal;
  • The sustainable development week at MIRBIS;
  • Conference on CSR at Financial University, Moscow;
  • Economic forum in Krasnoyarsk, session «Global ecological challenges and prospects»;
  • Round table «Church and ecology», hearings on Baikal issues at the Public Chamber of RF;
  • V Moscow International Forum «Corporate Volunteering: Business and Society», environmental volunteering session.


The Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research pursues charitable and research objectives aimed at preserving the Lake Baikal natural territory and promoting its sustainable development. Join us!