Sociological Survey «Corporate water footprint in Russia»

Sociological Survey «Corporate water footprint in Russia»

March – April 2021

Research centre Carbon Disclosure Project in their 2020 report came a to conclusion that 2/3 of the companies worldwide are imperiled to the water pollution or scarcity, dangerous for business processes. At the same time inaction costs 5 times more than water risks prevention.

Commercial sector might influence on the universal and equitable access to the secure and clean water. Business might substantially contribute to the reduction of negative anthropogenic impact on water ecosystems and achievement of the SDG №6: Ensure water and sanitation for all.

Russia makes the top three as a country with the biggest water reserves. Water resources endowment is an asset that is needed to be managed from the environmental and financial sides consciously. Relevant open data and statistics regarding corporate water footprint are absent. It shows the necessity to carry out a research on the water management in the commercial sector. Lake Baikal Foundation conducts this study in partnership with NAFI – analytical centre, specialized in social research. Some data will be collected through online survey, whereas qualitative data will be received from in-depth interviews with representatives of business society.


Dissemination of sustainable water practices among commercial organizations and assistance to the companies in the reduction of their water footprint through promotion of corporate water footprint concept, development of partnerships with business sector and relevant government agencies. 


  • Examine understanding among Russian business society of the role of water in production, use and utilization processes of goods or services;  
  • Evaluate awareness the head of the companies on the water footprint, corporate water footprint concepts;
  • Determine existing practices of water management;
  • Acquire more knowledge on incentives and obstacles for implementation of water saving technologies.

Under the guidance of Lake Baikal Foundation companies will be able to work on strategy based on sustainable and effective water management, better predict and analyze its own risks, build trust with local communities in the presence regions and develop corporate values with focus on careful attitude to the water.   

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