Collaborative materials

Collaborative materials

Analysis of the perceptions of Russian business about its role in the conservation of water resources in Russia. The research was initiated and conducted by the NAFI Analytical Center and Lake Baikal Foundation.

An analytical study to identify the causes of environmental and social tensions in the Baikal nature of the territory and recommendations for their solution. It was implemented in 2021 by «Ecocenter Zapovedniki» with the participation of Lake Baikal Foundation in terms of studying international experience.

Recommendations for solving one of the most pressing problems of national parks and reserves on Lake Baikal. A joint project with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The survey on the causes of unauthorized landfills in the territories of protected areas and available practices for solving this problem. The survey was conducted by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation and Lake Baikal Foundation.

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