The Baikal Nature Reserve School

The Baikal Nature Reserve School

February 2021 – present

The Baikal Nature Reserve School is a permanent interactive site in Zabaikalsky National Park where everyone can:

  • gain comprehensive knowledge about recycling and the water cycle;
  • try out the process of pressing recyclable materials;
  • study how plastic bottles transform into household items;
  • conduct experiments with water from Lake Baikal and other water bodies,
  • play eco-games on a multitouch screen and consolidate your knowledge, and much more!

Baikal Nature Reserve School:

  • is inclusive: its design and equipment are thought through to enable an access for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups;
  • is interactive: all items are tangible, and you can also play eco-games on the multitouch screen;
  • shares accessible ecological knowledge with everyone for free.

To attend Baikal Nature Reserve School in 2023, you should send an application to, indicating the name of the organization, the quantity and age of attendees.


  • to educate visitors to the Zabaikalsky National Park and locals about responsible attitude towards the environment by involving them in eco-lessons about sustainable waste management and water conservation.

What effect do we want to achieve?

  • Contribute to the creation and dissemination of interesting and useful recreational activities for families with children;
  • create an inclusive and accessible eco-educational site in Zabaikalsky National Park for members of socially vulnerable categories of the population.

What has already been done:

  • the School has become a permanent center of eco-education for representatives of socially vulnerable groups;
  • 7020 visitors from 28 regions of Russia and 2 foreign countries learned more about the importance of recycling and water conservation, especially around Lake Baikal;
  • interactive eco-education practices are in place for parents with children: more than 45 families visited the School in summer 2021;
  • the project won the III All-Russian Reliable Partner – Ecology contest in the Best Eco-Educational Project category among non-profit sector;
  • in 2022, the Baikal Nature Reserve School won the Environmental Culture: Peace and Harmony contest in the Eco-Education nomination.

Sustainability of the Project:

  • replication of the project experience to other protected natural areas within and outside the Baikal region, where interactive educational sites have not yet been organized at the visit centers (for example, in the Pribaikalsky National Park).

Do you want to support the Baikal Nature Reserve School?

You can support the project by donating for teachers’ remuneration in 2023 via this link.

If you have already been to the Baikal Conservation School, leave your feedback at the link. In such a way, you can help improve the School’s work next year.

The project is implemented with the support of  Presidential Grants Foundation

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