Environmental Education

Environmental Education

The formation of an environmental culture and the development of education in the field of sustainable development is one of the main tasks for achieving the strategic goals of the environmental state policy of Russia, which corresponds to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Goal #4: Quality Education). However, in practice, the level of environmental education for children and adults lags behind current natural science research and the scale of environmental problems.

Environmental knowledge is necessary for every person throughout their life, starting from their early years. This is why the Foundation creates online lessons and teaching materials about environmental conservation for a wide audience, as well as supports practical lessons in nature for children and adolescents. Open scientific data, adapted in the format of eco-lessons, not only increases the overall level of environmental culture of the audience, but also allows children and adolescents to learn more about the professions of ecologist, zoologist, garbologist and others, opening up new opportunities for future professional choice.

Goals by 2025:

  • to replicate the educational component in the Foundation’s projects and promote the popularization of scientific data, including methods and research results;
  • to promote the development of educational programs for visitors and employees of specially protected natural areas.

How do we work on the development of environmental education:

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