Alexey Molchanov

14 times world champion (by AIDA and CMAS rules), 19 times world record holder in freediving (12 world records by AIDA rules and 7 by CMAS rules), 3 of them are currently standing. The Guinness World Record holder for diving under the ice with a breath hold (swam 180 meters under the ice in a record time). The first Russian and the seventh person in the world to descend to a depth of more than 100 meters with a breath hold.

President of Russian Freedving Federation, founder of his own brand of freediving equipment, co-founder and education board member of Molchanovs company, head of freediving school named in honor of Natalia Molchanova. Organizer of the largest Russian competitions in this sport. Speaker of TEDx and other international and Russian platforms.

Alexey was born in Volgograd. Since childhood, he was engaged in swimming under the guidance of his mother, multiple world champion and record holder in freediving Natalia Molchanova, and in his teens he also became interested in freediving. He set his first Russian record in freediving in 2004 and his first world record in 2008. Today, he is the deepest man on the planet — he dives 130 meters deep in one breath. Alexey conducts training courses on freediving in Moscow, Moscow region, Egypt, the Kingdom of Tonga, as well as courses on ice freediving on Lake Baikal.

Alexey is actively engaged in environmental issues and water treatment around the world, he is called the «ambassador of the ocean». He supports programs to preserve the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems in different parts of the world.

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