Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives

Lake Baikal is a universally recognized natural treasure, but in reality consumerism attitude prevails in its exploitation. The mission of Foundation is to stop irresponsible pressure on a fragile ecosystem and turn Lake Baikal’s admiration in words into the real care for the lake. We aspire to make Lake Baikal a true value, a point of growth of the ecological self-awareness in Russia.

From its first day, Lake Baikal has been the source of life, and today it isn’t only a majestic natural monument, it is a world reserve of pure water. Besides, Lake Baikal is an inexhaustible source for scientific applied research that helps to understand new processes in many fields of knowledge. This is one of the few places that allow looking into the Earth’s distant past and its distant future. The Foundation seeks to support scientists and ecologists who study Lake Baikal’s unique ecosystem, a most difficult and a most important object of cognition.

Baikal is too large for anyone to undertake the task of preserving and exploring it, be it a government or an international organization. Only by combining the efforts of all those who come into contact with Lake Baikal we will be able to preserve the lake for future generations and reveal its potential for contemporaries. Only by changing the mentality, by introducing Lake Baikal into the values system, we can achieve this. The Foundation sees its goal in facilitating these necessary changes.

The Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research pursues charitable and research objectives aimed at preserving the Lake Baikal natural territory and promoting its sustainable development. Join us!

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