Strategic Partners

World Water Council

International multistakeholder platform that brings together experts and international governmental and non-governmental organizations. Focusing on the political dimensions of water security, adaptation, and sustainability, the Council aims to solve global water problems, raise awareness, and find ways to improve water management at all decision-making levels, from top-level authorities to the public at large.

A.N. Severtsov Institute for Ecology and Evolution of RAS

Studies problems of general and private ecology of animals, biodiversity, behavior and evolutionary morphology of animals, develops recommendations on nature protection.

Russian Travel Geek

An organization which organizes scientific tours around the world. RTG team solves the problem through symbiosis of science and travel. Scientists and popularizers of science lead expeditions and tourists, joining the project, finance them.

Great Baikal Trail

A non-profit association in the Baikal region, developing ecotourism, volunteering, ecoeducation and construction ecotrails.

Corporate Partner

Foundation of the Siberian Wellness «The World around You»

Charitable foundation of the Siberian Wellness which supports scientific research, eco-projects as well as social and educational activities to save rare species of animals, birds, and endemic plants in Siberia.


Presidential Grants Foundation

A single operator of the President of the Russian Federation grants with the goal to develop civil society.

Foundation «Nuzhna Pomosch»

Charitable foundation which supports and develops charity, community and socially significant initiatives in Russia. The foundation collects donations for other non-profit organizations, including charitable foundations.

Pro bono partners


The largest international law firm with 158 offices in 66 countries. Dentons’s lawyers specialize in 24 branches of the economy and 40 practice areas around the world. Pro bono: full cycle of legal support of the Foundation, as well as legal expertise in the field of environmental law.

Analytical Center NAFI

The first research company in Russia that professionally specializes in studying financial behavior of the population and business. Pro bono: conducting sociological research in partnership with the Foundation.

Design Bureau Verstak

An agency of graphic and web-design, draws illustrations and infographics, draws up prints, supports social projects. Pro bono: development of the site of the grant competition «Baikal Initiative».

Graph Visual Communications

A visual communications agency specializing in infographics. Pro bono: development of the brand book of the Foundation.

Red Communications Group

A full cycle marketing agency. Pro bono: creating a video for the Foundation’s speech at the session on the environment at the SPIEF.

Social Business Group

A company that specializes in creating active communities in an online environment. Pro bono: report on the results of a research of visitors to the Zabaikalsky national park on the topic of attitudes to separate waste collection and environmental habits.

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The Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research pursues charitable and research objectives aimed at preserving the Lake Baikal natural territory and promoting its sustainable development. Join us!

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