Andrey Fedotov


Director of the Limnological Institute of the SB RAS. In 2005 he was awarded with the prize named after the academician. G.I. Galaziya for a series of works in the field of limnology. Member of the editorial board of the magazine «Geography and natural resources», is an expert of the SRI FRCEC and RSF.

Fedotov’s main scientific achievements are associated his with paleoclimatic reconstructions and sedimentation processes in lakes: reconstruction of climate and landscape changes in Siberia and Northern Mongolia over the last 1 million years; the dynamics of the degradation of the permafrost of the Taimyr Peninsula over the last centuries is certain; reconstruction of the fluctuations of the mountain glaciers of Siberia.

He supervised the research of the Institute carried out in Northern Mongolia. He was the head of the complex expedition on the river Yenisei and the shelf of the Kara Sea. He conducted work on the program «Integrated environmental audit of the Baikal natural territory and ecosystem of Lake Baikal – a site of the world natural heritage». He also carried out the scientific management of the Russian-Mongolian project «Transboundary transfer of bio-geochemical components, assessment of the Selenga River water quality and its main tributaries».

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