Ekaterina Terenteva

Head of Projects of Lake Baikal Foundation. Ekaterina is responsible for partnerships, coordinates the work of the Foundation’s departments and manages two full-scale projects which have won the Presidential grants. Ekaterina is an expert on sustainable waste management. Ekaterina graduated from the State Academic University of Humanities of RAS (Faculty of World Politics) with honors, she is Master of Foreign Relations, specialty – USA and Canada studies. Her Master’s thesis was dedicated to the topic «International Environmental Organizations as World Politics Factor». Ekaterina did the course «Environmental Project Management» in American Center in Moscow.  Ekaterina Terenteva is a founder of the student eco-community «GREEN-GAUGN» in the State Academic University of Humanities of RAS. Ekaterina speaks two foreign languages: English and Spanish. Ekaterina Petrunina was an official Youth Ambassador of the UN Sustainable Development Goal #12 in Russia in 2019-2020.

The Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research pursues charitable and research objectives aimed at preserving the Lake Baikal natural territory and promoting its sustainable development. Join us!

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