Igor Bychkov


Director of Matrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Specialist in IT, author and co-author of more than 200 scientific studies, including 12 monographs.

Igor Bychkov’s priority areas of scientific research are the development of a corporate intelligence technology for the processing of spatially distributed data that enables to improve the efficiency of preparation, analysis and decision making in the tasks of regional management and nature management based on the application of distributed data processing and artificial intelligence methods, the creation of new information processing technologies based on ontologies, automation of the software systems creation.

Igor Bychkov contributed a lot into development of telecommunications infrastructure of the region as he was responsible for creation and functioning of integral information-computer network of Irkutsk scientific-educational complex. In the framework of integral information-computer network of Irkutsk scientific-educational complex are working local computer networks of more than 30 institutions of Irkutsk, including Institutes of Irkutsk Scientific Centre of Siberian branch of RAS and of Eastern Siberia branch of Russian Academy of Medical Science, Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk State Technical University, Higher School of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irkutsk State Transport University and other scientific and educational organizations.

Bychkov was a scientific adviser of 7 students who defended their Ph.D. theses and 1 student who defended a doctorate thesis.

Igor Bychkov is a member of Presidium of Siberian branch of RAS, Scientific Council of RAS «High performance computing, scientific telecommunications and information infrastructure», United scientific council on nanotechnologies and information technologies Siberian branch of RAS, Scientific-coordination council of the program «Information and Telecommunication Resources of Siberian branch of RAS», Scientific council of interdisciplinary program of Siberian branch of RAS «Development of Scientific Basics of Distributed Information-analytical System Based on GIS and Web-technologies for  Interdisciplinary Research», Council on supercomputing of Siberian branch of RAS, Dissertation Boards D 003.021.01 of Institute of System Dynamics and Management Theory of Siberian branch of RAS (SB RAS), DM 003.046.01 of Institute of Computation Technologies of Siberian branch of RAS, D 219.005.02 of Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences, chairman of Scientific Council of SB RAS on Lake Baikal issues, of Scientific-coordination council on informational support of Irkutsk Scientific Centre of Siberian branch of RAS, a member of Coordination council on informatization under the government of Irkutsk region, a member of the Council on informatization of Irkutsk Scientific Centre of Siberian branch of RAS, deputy chairman of Coordination council under the governor of Irkutsk region.

Igor Bychkov is the chairman of editorial board of scientific popular magazine «Science of the Baikal Region: Ideas, Innovations, Investments», a member of editorial boards of the following scientific magazines: «News of Novosibirsk State University. Information Technologies», «Modern Technologies. Operations Analysis. Information Technologies», «Bulletin of Eastern Siberia branch of Russian Academy of Medical Science», «Physicotechnical Aspects of Mining», «News of Computer and Information Technologies», «Autometry», «News of Irkutsk State University. Mathematics», «Operating Big Systems», «Subwater Research and Robotics», «Program Systems: Theories and Applications», «News of Irkutsk State Economic Academy».

In 2005 I. Bychkov was awarded with the prize in Science and Technologies by the governor of Irkutsk region for a series of works on research and development of mathematical and Information Technologies for implementation of program systems in favor of public authorities and government. In 2007 he was awarded with Honorary Certificate of the Governor of Irkutsk region. In 2010 he was awarded with Honorary Certificate of SB RAS for many years of dedicated work, personal contribution into development of Russian science, fruitful scientific organizational work. In 2010 he was awarded with a government decoration of Mongolia – medal «Friendship». In 2011 he obtained an honorary title of Honorable Worker of Science and Technology of Russian Federation. In 2011 he was awarded with a jubilee medal «In Commemoration of 350th Anniversary of Irkutsk» for special achievements and merits in development of the city. In 2012 he was awarded with a medal of the Order of Merit for Motherland of 2nd degree. He won the prize of Government of Russian Federation in 2012 in Science and Technologies for development of information-telecommunications infrastructure of interdisciplinary scientific research as basics of economic and social development of eastern regions of Russia. In 2016 Igor Bychkov was awarded with higher prize of Friendship Society «Mongolia and Russia» – the Order «Golden Star of Friendship» – and with sign of honor «Merit for Irkutsk Region».

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