Vasilina Chernysheva

Project manager. Graduated from  «Higher School of Economics» with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in History. Vasilina is currently pursuing the second Master’s degree in Humanitarian Aсtion in the joint program of the Ruhr University Bochum and University College Dublin, specialty —disaster risk reduction strategies. She worked as a Research Intern at the Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington). Vasilina has completed studies as a part of the UN Graduate Study Programme on Sustainable Development Goals.  She finished advanced training courses «New ecology: system thinking for sustainable development» Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and «Sustainable development of the company (CSR)» Moscow International Higher Business School. Now Vasilina is getting a diploma at Moscow state university with major «Ecology and rational use of natural resources» Fluent in English and German.

The Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research pursues charitable and research objectives aimed at preserving the Lake Baikal natural territory and promoting its sustainable development. Join us!

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