Along the Doppelmayer’s trail: protecting the nature of Barguzinsky nature reserve for over 100 years

Along the Doppelmayer’s trail: protecting the nature of Barguzinsky nature reserve for over 100 years

February – December 2018

In summer 1914, the first scientific expedition in remote areas of  Severo-Baykalsky district took place under the leadership of the Russian researcher George Doppelmayer. The main objective of that investigation was sable’s preservation. The conservation of sable’s population initiated the establishment of Bargrusisnky reserve. A hundred years later it became necessary to repeat the survey expedition of Gorgiy Doppelmayer in order to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of wildlife. 

The Lake Baikal Foundation’s project «Along the Doppelmayer’s trail: protecting the nature of Barguzinsky nature reserve for over 100 years» made it possible to update the data on designated wildlife objects from the Lake Baikal shore to the dividing Bagruzinsky range, giving a complete picture of nature conservation processes and facilitate further environmental activities.

The Foundation’s research on monitoring and mapping of wildlife in Bagruzinsky reserve is focused on preservation, usage and popularization of the natural and historical heritage of the reserve, as well as receive, analysis and dissemination of reliable geographical and environmental information about the results of investigation in Russia and abroad. 

The project on monitoring and mapping of wildlife in Bagruzinsky reserve was realized as the part of the «Baikal Initiative» grant competition for young scientists under the leadership of Luzhkova Natalia. 

Basing on the results of the carried out research it is being planned to organize an expeditions in 2019-2020. The forest zone along Tarkulik and Davsha rivers will be investigated in more detail. Additionally, it is suggested to lay the foundation for monitoring post-fire sites in areas with pyrogenic series. The features of reforestation are also going to be identified depending on the local conditions of the territory. Furthermore, it is envisaged to determine roles of microclimate, soil features and other natural factors in the processes of natural dynamics of geosystems.

The interactive map with historical backgrounds, modern photographic materials and descriptions of natural complexes will provide everyone with an opportunity to virtually get closer to the beauties of Bargrusinskiy reserve. 


Improving the protection of wildlife based on the mainstreaming of biodiversity of Bagruzinskiy reserve 100 years after the expedition led by G. Doppelmayer


  • Provide grant assistance to FSE «Zapovednoe Podlemorye» for implementing the corresponding project.
  • As a part of assistance to conduct the following works in February-December in May – December 2018:
  • Conduct a mainstreaming research on the model path of Doppelmayer’s expedition along the river Tartkulik river valley from Baikal shores to the dividing Bagruzinsky range on the basis of materials analysis expedition led by G. Doppelmayer(1914-1915), Nature Chronicles’ dataof Bargruzinskiy reserve and other sources of chosen objects for monitoring.
  • Make recommendations for preserving of monitoring wildlife objects in the region and for the improvements of security system in highlands of Bargruzinskiy reserve. 
  • Create an interactive web-map «G. Doppelmayer’s expedition – view through 100 years» for popularization of reserve management and national environmental activities. 

What was done: 

  • The Foundation’s grant in 2018 amounted 300 000 rubles.
  • The funds were spent for the implementation of targets listed above, salaries of workers attracted to the scientific research, purchase of special equipment for scientific works, and transportation.   


  1. A minimum anthropogenic impact was found out, bounded by the main route along the rivers Davsha and Tarkulik. Trails of illegal infiltration into natural reserve’s territory were not found. An exclusion of anthropogenic influence allows to identify natural processes of dynamics and evolution of geosystem. This conclusion became a basis for the further works on the project.  
  2. A description was made on key areas, which characterize various types of vegetation and locations of description of animal communities. Basing on the results of field description, specific facies’ classes and the components of geosystem were distinguished and designated. The characterization of vegetation and landscapes was made as well. 
  3. The occurrence of different types of birds, rare and endemic plants and animals was evaluated. A particular emphasis was placed on the population of black-capped marmot, recorded into the Red book of Russian Federation. Only two species were designated in the headwaters of Tarkulik river, representing a low rate. 
  4. An interactive area’s map of the completed path was the main result of the work. Currently the map represents distinctive types of vegetation, their description, places where animals were met, woody plant successional stages, appeared over a 100-year period. 14 natural and recovering types of vegetation are illustrated on the map, which are typical for the research territory. 

The mapping process included several stages:

  • Clarification of description on the field, given in the scientific research.
  • Establishment of the list of various birds encountered
  • Verification of available data on the ground during the field works, making descriptions for further decoding of satellite images and mapping. 
  • Monitoring of disturbances in vegetation cover and of changes of species composition.  
  • Addendum of infogrames to the map, presentation of the map in interactive regime. 


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