Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Specially protected natural areas give a person a unique opportunity to get in touch with wildlife and learn how to take care of ecological systems. One of the main threats from irresponsible tourism is waste left in natural areas. At the same time, up to 50% of garbage in national parks is potentially recyclable secondary material resources.

The Foundation conducts comprehensive work on implementing responsible tourism practices in the Baikal natural area based on scientific data. We cooperate with the Baikal protected areas in the following priority areas: organizing separate waste collection; forming environmental habits among protected area visitors and local residents; building a dialogue with business and government to develop sustainable tourism.

Goals by 2025:

  • to consolidate the practice of separate waste collection and environmental habits of visitors, local population and employees in Zabaikalsky national park;
  • to replicate the program to all protected areas of the Baikal natural territory;
  • to achieve a situation in which tourists carry away up to 80% of the waste that they bring to the territory.

As we are working on the development of sustainable tourism:

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