Youth Parliament for water in Russia

Youth Parliament for water in Russia

March 2023

The first World Youth Parliament for Water was established under the auspices of the UN in 2003 and was timed to coincide with the Year of Freshwater.

The Youth Parliament for Water in Russia will be created in 2023 as a part of the Lake Baikal Foundation.

The Youth Parliament for water will unite the youth (students, young scientists, and professionals) from 18 to 35 years old from different regions of Russia.

The aim of the Parliament is to deepen knowledge of water disciplines, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, as well as to increase the interest of young people in the water field with its current issues and challenges, professions, and specializations of the water sector, providing the state with highly qualified employees.


  1. To stimulate the exchange of knowledge, experience, and best practices among young people from different regions of Russia;
  2. To assist in cooperation to solve local and regional problems;
  3. To combine efforts to achieve the National Development Goals and the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  4. To promote intergenerational dialogue for decision-making, building dialogue with state and local authorities;
  5. To involve young people in the discussion of the Water Strategy of Russia for the next period;
  6. To introduce organizations working in the water field;
  7. To assist in gaining practical and project work experience;
  8. To develop additional skills and competencies required for water sector professionals;
  9. To form a community interested in water issues.

Areas of activity of the Parliament:

  • Scientific research – carrying out analytical and sociological studies;
  • Project work – creating and supervising water projects;
  • Preparation of Water Week sessions – selection of topics and speakers;
  • Representing Russian youth at international water events.

Work format

Offline – at the Water Week; online.

Establishment of the Youth Parliament for water in Russia will mark a new stage in the development of the water sector, attract the attention of young people, and become an instrument for strengthening international relations.

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