Baikal: Conservation Instructions

Baikal: Conservation Instructions

March 2021 – present

Everyone has the right for reliable information about the state of environment, including update and correct data about state of Lake Baikal. Simultaneously, competent, and leveled journalist materials help not only civil society to get some answers, but also bring attention of the decision-makers. Integrated agenda of the sustainable development of the Baikal natural territory requires repercussions in published materials.  Seeking to contribute to harmonization of the media space around problem of Lake Baikal conservation, Lake Baikal Foundation initiated All-Russian grant contest for journalists «Baikal: Conservation Instructions». 


  • to attract the attention of mass-media to the problem of Lake Baikal conservation through the development of environmental journalism.


  • to shed the light on challenges of management the Baikal natural area, problem of building treatment facilities and future of the scientific water-related and conservation biodiversity research.
  • to identify and support authors who are ready to write relevant to the topics of the contest materials.


  1. The management of the Baikal natural area.
  2. Treatment facilities in the Baikal natural area.
  3. Scientific research and applications in the Baikal natural area.

Profile of the participant

Full-time journalists of federal and regional print media, online media, news agencies, as well as freelance authors.

Key dates:

  • Call for applications – 22nd March – 22nd April 2021
  • Evaluation of the application by the Expert Council – 22nd April – 16th March 2021
  • Announcement of the winners – 20th May 2021
  • Signing up grant agreements with winners – 20th May 2021
  • Preparation of the materials – 10th June – 30th October 2021

In sum, we received 40 applications.


Expert Council

  • Angelina Davydova, Director of Environmental Information Bureau;
  • Sergey Ivashko, Press Secretary of the Faculty of Chemistry of Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • Zorigto Namsaraev, Acting Head of the Synthetic Biology Laboratory of the Kurchatov Genomic Center, National Research Center Kurchatov Institute;
  • Natalia Paramonova, Executive Director of Ecocup Film Festival;
  • Alexey Sivukhin, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of Ivanovo State University, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Biology, Secretary of the Scientific and Technical Council of Ivanovo State University;
  • Maxim Timofeyev, Director of the Research Institute of Biology, Irkutsk State University;
  • Ilya Ferapontov, Editor-in-Chief at N+1;
  • Yana Khlyustova, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at the information and service portal Indicator.Ru;
  • Georgiy Shakhgildyan, Head of the Scientific Communications Department, member of the Council of Young Scientists of D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia.

The total grant funding is 700 000 rubles.

The implementation became possible thanks to the support of BAIKALSEA Company.  Media-partner is Association of Communication in the Sphere of Education and Science (AKSON).

Partnership for Sustainable Development