Green Steps

Green Steps

September 2021 – present

Active position of the business is crucial to conserve the Baikal natural area and key element in harmonic social-economic development of local communities: both with approaches in business activities, also with participation in the eco-educational events of the citizens. The number of tourists in Baikal is growing, and we need to create conditions for sustainable tourism development, which doesn’t harm the environment. Lake Baikal Foundation with the support of Asian-Pacific Bank decided to initiate grant contest for small and medium business «Green Steps» to help with ecologization of business processes in the Baikal region.     


To contribute to dissemination of sustainable environmental practices and implementation of green technologies among small and medium businesses in the Baikal region, and realization of the Sustainable Development Goals in Irkutsk region and Republic of Buryatia.


  • Ensure development of social responsibility of the business to improve environmental conditions in localities of the Baikal region and conservation of ecosystems;
  • Involve business in improvement of public spaces in localities and development of responsible tourism. 


  1. Ecological innovation in business.
  2. Sustainable localities.
  3. Green corporate environment.

Key dates:

  • 27th September 2021 – 10th November 2021 – Call for applications.
  • 11th November 2021 – 25th November 2021 – Evaluation of the applications by the Jury. 
  • No later 6th December 2021 – Announcement of the winners.
  • 1st February 2022 – 30th November 2022 – Implementation of the projects by the winners.

Profile of the participant

  1. Companies and individual entrepreneurs.
  2. Carrying on business in the following branches:
  • Waste management
  • Agriculture
  • Construction development
  • Sales
  • Hotels
  • Foodservice industry
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Personal service (dry-cleaning, hairdressing, beauty salons).
  • To be in included into general register for subjects of small and medium business.
  • Project geography: cities Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Central Environmental zone of the Baikal natural area.

Members of the Jury:

  • Elena Bazhenova, Project Coordinator at Killaberg Nature Reserve
  • Nina Budazhapova, Imperial College London
  • Elena Vishnyakova, group «Ecoline»
  • Maksim Evdokimov, Agency for Strategic Initiatives
  • Natalya Eremeeva, Foundation « Give a Life to our Planet Foundation» («Podari Planete Zhizn»)
  • Evgenia Kuznetsova, You Social
  • Ekaterina Kuznetsova, «Green office»
  • Andrei Kulakov, Association «Goal Number Seven»
  • Alexandra Lavrenko, Foundation «Second breath»
  • Margarita Milavskaya, Björn
  • Il’nur Salyakhov, APB
  • Alexandra Sytnikova, ATLAS
  • Ekaterina Trosman, Society for Ecological Restoration
  • Jochan Ebbing, International Science Academy of Ecology, Security of the Human and Nature
  • Alexandra Yakovleva, Kenozero National Park

The total grant funding is 1 000 000 rubles. The maximum grant for each nomination is 335 000 rubles.

The implementation became possible thanks to the support of Asian Pacific Bank.

Partnership for Sustainable Development