Programs for sustainable business

Programs for sustainable business

Modern trends of business involvement in the implementation of the sustainable development goals demonstrate the relevance of the partnership between corporate and non-profit sectors in achieving socially oriented objectives. Lake Baikal Foundation is open to cooperation in the area of consulting support in elaborating and facilitating the implementation of a company’s sustainable development strategy regardless the region of presence, looking for optimal solutions for the programmes on corporate social responsibility, accompanying a company in preparation of nonfinancial statement. We are ready to provide a comprehensive expertise support in the area of sustainable development. All the received profit will be directed towards Foundation’s statutory activity and the implementation of the grant programmes.

We propose:

Preparation and independent assurance of nonfinancial reporting

We will provide consultancy accompaniment in preparation of integrated reports or reports in the sphere of sustainable development in accordance with the GRI, IIRC standards at any stage: from consulting on certain aspects of reporting to preparing the report off the shelf and assuring credibility and completeness of information, disclosed in the report;

Elaboration of the strategy in the sphere of sustainable development

We will assist in the elaboration of sustainable development strategy and determine the ways of its implementation in the common strategy of operation activity, building an action map and agreeing a plan with the parties involved;

Data analysis in the sphere of sustainable development

We will take under control the information, which is received by the consumers and investors of the company, and develop the programme on the increase of brand’s popularity taking in account potential risks;

Consulting on the social investment issues and charity programmes

We will share with you the main trends of social investment, assist in choosing the most effective and the most profitable direction of social investment for your company or the relevant charity programme;

Evaluation of effectiveness of CSR functions

We will carry out a detailed examination of your existing practices, assess their indicators by the analysis of the operational environment and give the recommendations on the development of CSR programmes, and also evaluate the materiality through an interview with the stakeholders, a systematic analysis of the publications in the media, assessment of competitors’ activities, and we will help you prioritize the risks;

Organization of the education in the sphere of sustainable development and CSR

We will conduct the educational seminars and lectures on the issues of sustainable development for management of your company, tell you about the major CSR trends and the influence of corporate social responsibility on business and its investment appeal;

Organization of ecological training and education of the employees and company’s clients

The invited experts will carry out the eco-educational seminars for the employees and clients of your company, which will be focused on the formation of ecological culture inside the company and advancement of education in the sphere of sustainable development;

Development of the new CSR directions in cooperation with the Lake Baikal Foundation

We will assist you in opening new directions of corporate social responsibility, including ecological tourism and ecological volunteering on Lake Baikal.

If you are interested in these services, send a request to for more detailed information.

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