Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation

The Baikal is unique due to the evolutionary development of the fauna, which took place for a long time in isolation, in stable conditions. The lake is home to more than 800 endemic species of animals but due to human economic activity, the condition of many of them is under threat of degradation. To properly preserve unique populations, they must be systematically studied with the support of the state and society.

As part of our projects, we protect a number of Baikal endemics: the Baikal seal, the Olkhon vole and the Yellow-breasted Bunting. The Foundation’s priority is to provide high-quality expertise and up-to-date scientific data on the state of endemic populations, which can become the basis of a strategy for preserving the biological diversity of the Baikal region.

Goals by 2025:

  • to ensure that decisions on endemic species and the Baikal ecosystem are based on current and reliable scientific data.

How do we preserve the biological diversity of the Baikal region:

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