Climate action

Climate action

Russia is warming about 2.5 times faster than the global average. The consequences of climate change already impact the socio-economic development, the functioning of natural ecosystems, the life and health of people. In the Baikal region, which is a fragile ecosystem inhabited by lots of terrestrial and aquatic endemics sensitive to temperature changes, such processes pose a threat to the conservation of rare populations of flora and fauna.

As part of this direction, the Foundation is taking measures to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and to adapt the Baikal region to climate risks. In its work, the Foundation relies on in-depth subject expertise and up-to-date scientific data acquired, among other things, during its own projects, such as the environmental monitoring program on Lake Baikal «Point No1». The implementation of climate adaptation measures provides an integrated approach to the preservation of the Baikal Natural Territory and contributes to the sustainability of the Foundation’s existing projects on Lake Baikal.

Goals until 2025:

  • to consolidate and replicate successful practices in the field of climate adaptation in the Baikal region and beyond;
  • to raise awareness of the local population about the consequences of climate change, adaptation measures and early warning;
  • to promote the integration of climate risks into management plans and development strategies at the local and regional levels.

Photo: Stanislav Tolstnev

How do we overcome the consequences of climate change on Lake Baikal:

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